Website design

After collecting information and planning, it is time to design a website. What we are most concerned about is the target group of visitors of the client’s website - the website for teenagers looks completely different from the website for presenting financial services.

Within this phase, the characteristics of the client brand are used - the inclusion of elements such as company logo in order to strengthen the identity of the site.

Our designers create a design proposal - a prototype of the final look that clients evaluate based on their requirements. This is usually a .jpg picture that represents the final design view. We send our clients an email notification of defining the initial design that can be viewed by signing in to the protected part of our Business Center.

You will get an insight into the entire web development process, which is especially important because during the process itself, the client can give ideas and suggest content.

At this stage, communication between the client and the web designer is crucial for reaching the ultimate solution that will satisfy the client’s wishes and needs.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we are developing design proposals until the client confirms that this proposal is exactly the one and it fully meets the requirements.

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