Final development of the website

After the design of the website, it is time to create “everything under the hood”. Under this step, web designers download individual graphic elements from the design proposal and use them to create and program the current, functional website.

The first thing that is defined is the basic framework of the entire website, starting from the home page that is used as a template for further creation of the internal pages of the website. After creating a site frame, a website navigation structure is created. After creating the navigation, the prepared content is downloaded by the client and implemented on all pages of the website, in the foreseen areas of the website.

During this phase, interactive forms, flash animations or special ordering systems that are functionally implemented during this phase are implemented.

Also during this phase, our designers will continue to present to the client all phases of the development of the elements and content on the site.

On the technical side, the website must have an understandable development of visible elements, using current web standards that enable maximizing functionality as well as easy access to all visitors. Within this phase, the basic elements of SEO experts of our MT Team are implemented in order to optimize the search engine’s website.

Continue with Testing and presenting the final product

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