Collecting information

For us, this first step is the most important part of the process in which we want to fully meet the client company. We want to find out what the client is dealing with, business goals and dreams, and find a way to help the client achieve the desired goals.

Our managers and designers will ask a number of questions to get to know all the spheres of the company’s business and the need for a kind of quality presence on the Internet.

Things we want to know about the firm:

  • The purpose of creating a website. What is the purpose of creating a website? Do you want to publish information, present your products or services, sell products?
  • Goals. What do you want to build by running a website? Is the ultimate goal of increasing profits?
  • The target group. Is there a specific group of potential clients - visitors to the website? Who are potential visitors to the website? What kind of users are the information intended for? How old are they, what are the benefits, knowledge and experience of using the Web …?
  • The content. Which site content does the target group want? Do they seek specific information, information about products or services, they want to order online?

The goals of the website development can be different:

  • presentation of product range
  • presenting new products or services
  • advertising and publication of special offers
  • increase profits
  • opening a new marketing channel
  • Expanding / removing customer support online
  • the beginning of electronic sales
  • advertising on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blog)
  • reduction of the total costs of the company’s business
  • going out to foreign markets
  • presentation to investors

It is necessary to define as precisely as possible the goal of the development of a quality presence on the Internet, in order to make the final product of the website construction as good as possible.

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