Milovan Tomašević, PhD

Milovan Tomašević, PhD

IT Consultant

Everything about me can be said in one sentence, I get moved by an idea, which I really desire and work diligently to accomplish it. It’s completely irrelevant what it takes. I get inspired by the vision I follow, everything else can be disregarded. I’m only taking care of what is more to be done and how far I’m from my goal accomplishment, and that’s it. All of that makes me really happy and alive. I refused to live with It cannot be, point. Because it can be, the thing needed is to leave your common frames, use other resources, meet new people, acquire new knowledge and skills. It needs to overcome obstacles and work diligently. And all will be okay, if not at the very instant, tomorrow, but it will.

1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia
(+386) 40/***065
Milovan Tomašević



Data Solutions Consultant at NLB d.d.

Key focus areas: Modern Enterprise Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Data Migration, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and project delivery across advisory and technical delivery projects.
As part of the project, several complex software solutions were developed together with IBM, Deloitte, IN516HT, SmartIS and others, which increase the competitiveness of both companies and their customers in various markets.
Development of a central ecosystem for data management in the NLB Group (6 countries and 9 banks).


  • Participation in customer-facing meetings for all aspects of a solution, and serve within the onsite team in the capacity that best fits the needs of the program
  • Development business requirements around Data Integration, Modeling, Governance, Quality, and other aspects of Data Management as it relates to the client program
  • Interface with onshore and offshore development resources to share direct knowledge of client requirements
  • Development Solutions and Assets for forthcoming and in-flight projects under the direction of project and program managers
  • Development use cases and guide technical teams for POC / solution development, test case designs, and certify solutions before handing over to customers
  • Work on internal programs, frameworks, proposals and solutions at the direction of management
  • Train and mentor teams in data input, use, meaning, and analysis
    → Strong client-facing experience as a data engineer/consultant, Strong understanding of analytics and data science

Senior Data Solutions Developer at NLB d.d.

Project member of MEDM (“Modern Enterprise Data Management”), which represents the implementation of a modern analytical banking platform in the framework of modern data management, organization and exploitation of data for new business models with new banking products and services in banking.
As part of the project, several complex software solutions were developed together with IBM, Deloitte, IN516HT, SmartIS and others, which increase the competitiveness of both companies and their customers in various markets.
Development of a central ecosystem for data management in the NLB Group (6 countries and 9 banks).


  • coordination of external contractors on the development of new data solutions
  • advising and supporting user administrators and users in the development and use of data solutions on computer systems
  • analysis of business requirements and data flows
  • management of advanced analytical platforms and models
  • data quality management and data cleaning
  • data dictionary management and data traceability
  • design and maintenance of logical and physical data model
  • design, development, upgrade, testing, maintenance and documentation of data solutions
  • coordinating and leading teams
  • proposing and / or introducing improvements
  • coordinating, controlling and monitoring the work process
  • participation in project and working groups
  • mentoring and knowledge transfer
    → HBase, HDFS, Hive, Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Knox, Solr, Storm, YARN, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, ZooKeeper, Ambari Infra, Ambari Metrics, Ranger, SmartSense, Spark2, IBM DB2 BIG SQL, DSM, Spectrum Scale, Slider and Atlas Service.

Researcher at Faculty of information studies

As part of the project “Upgrading National Research Infrastructures - HPC RIVR”, a supercomputer node HPC RIVR with a capacity of 6.8 petaflops per second has been established and is currently ranked among the 50 most powerful supercomputers in the world.
The aim of the project was to strengthen national high-performance computing capacities for the needs of the Slovenian research and innovation as well as economic area.


  • management and planning of supercomputer support to research groups and research and educational activities of FIŠ,
  • consulting in the field of supercomputer support to research groups and research and educational activities of FIŠ,
  • proposing the introduction of new technologies in the field of systems, planning the strategy and architecture of the HPC information system,
  • cooperation with external contractors in the field of ICT HPC
  • Design and develop parallel computing algorithms. Python, C, C++
  • Design and develop tools to optimize parallel computing algorithms. Python, C, C++
  • Manage life-cycle of HPC products from inception to deployment
  • Research new parallelization paradigms on new computer architectures

Researcher at Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Milovan works as a researcher on the project “Development of software for managing the installation and repair of braking systems for rail vehicles” (You can see the PhD presentation here), the Ministry of Science, Republic of Serbia, no. 035 050 for the period 2011-2017th years.
In the phase of application software development data was collected and research was conducted on the process management software modeling. After research and representation of the system model specification for management, implementation and testing of the system was made as well as training of the users in the company.


  • Performing exercises with an accredited degree program (Department: Electrical engineering, Department of Software and Information Technology) in the Project Management.
    He informed the students:
    ♣ Needs, objectives and applications of the concept of Project Management.

iOS Developer at OBLO Living LLC (member of RT-RK group -, Serbia

IoT Home Automation, Internet of Things, and Smart Home


  • iOS application development
  • Programming in Objective C language
  • Working with xCode software
  • Working with Cocoa Touch frameworks (Foundation, UIKit, CoreData, iOS SDK, Foscam SDK etc.)
  • Designing & Development of Appium test automation scripts for iOS & Android Mobile applications
  • Selenium-WebDriver JS with Automation Framework built-TypeScript

Researcher, Business Analyst/Consultant at DDOR Novi Sad a.d.o.

Scientific research in order to improve IT processes. During the research were written research papers.


  • ITIL
  • PMP
  • PMI



PhD student in Computer Science from Faculty of information studies, University of Novo mesto with GPA of XX,xx


  • HPC
  • Pyhton

PhD in Engineering/Industrial Management from Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad with GPA of 9.86


  • Supply Chain & Information Systems and Management

MSc in Engineering/Industrial Management from Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad with GPA of 9.38


  • ITIL

MSc in Information Technology from Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad with GPA of 10.00


  • Computer programming

BSc in Computer Science from Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad with GPA of 8.11


  • Computer programming


Evaluation of Criteria for the Implementation of High-Performance Computing (HPC) in Danube Region Countries Using Fuzzy PIPRECIA Method by Sustainability

The use of computers with outstanding performance has become a real necessity in order to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability for the accomplishment of various tasks. Therefore, with the development of information technology and increasing dynamism in the business environment, it is expected that these computers will be more intensively deployed. In this paper, research was conducted in Danube region countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. The aim of the research was to determine what criteria are most significant for the introduction of high-performance computing and the real situation in each of the countries. In addition, the aim was to establish the infrastructure needed to implement such a system. In order to determine the partial significance of each criterion and thus the possibility of implementing high-performance computing, a multi-criteria model in a fuzzy environment was applied. The weights of criteria and their rankings were performed using the Fuzzy PIvot Pairwise RElative Criteria Importance Assessment—fuzzy PIPRECIA method. The results indicate different values depend on decision-makers (DMs) in the countries. Spearman’s and Pearson’s correlation coefficients were calculated to verify the results obtained.

A Novel Extended EDAS in Minkowski Space (EDAS-M) Method for Evaluating Autonomous Vehicles by ICI Bucharest

Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) methods have a significant influence on decision making in a variety of strategic fields, including science, business, and real-life studies. These methods also effectively support researchers in solving the emerging issues that may be encountered during their research activity. This work introduces a new Evaluation method based on the Distance from the Average Solution in the Minkowski space (EDAS-M). The main contribution of this study is the EDAS-M based MCDM model for the evaluation of an autonomous vehicle. Besides, the CRITIC (Criteria Importance Through Intercriteria Correlation) was used to determine objective criteria weights. The EDAS-M method provides a modified extension of the conventional Evaluation method based on the Distance from the Average Solution (EDAS) method. Seven different MADM methods are used to compare problem-solving results. Namely, the EDAS, WASPAS (Weighted Aggregated Sum Product ASsessment), SAW (Simple Additive Weighting), ARAS (Additive Ratio ASsessment), TOPSIS (Technique for Order Preference by Similarity Ideal Solution), TOPSIS-M (TOPSIS Minkowski space) and MABAC (Multi-Attributive Border Approximation Area Comparison) techniques validate the stability of the results obtained by using the new method above mentioned. Sensitivity analysis reflects the dynamics of the influence of dynamic matrices. It showed a high correlation of positions with all applied approaches. This correlation has also been maintained in a dynamic environment.


The problem that is being addressed in this paper is to improve the services provided by company and achieve better communication among companies in the supply chain. Therefore, a qualitative assessment of the service has been required. This service is characterized by a group of parameters, which are often inaccurately estimated values as well as its importance for the evaluation system. This is often the result of assessor ́s uncertainty, variability of conditions, etc. Therefore, in the context of AM4SCM (Adaptive Model for Supply Chain Management) a mathematical model for evaluating the quality of services has been developed (FAM4QS - Fuzzy Aggregation Method for Quality Service) which is based on the fuzzy arithmetic. By selecting different values for the degrees of fuzzy power mean, which are used for evaluation of parameters or groups of parameters of the system and the service also, contribute to a better assessment and it is due to the varying nature of the parameters. The observed model was simulated on 17 supply chains on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Service quality assessment is carried out on the basis of data from the user requirements - participants of supply chains binding the so-called fuzzy aggregation function.

Contribution to the User Requests Management Based on ITIL Implementation by International Scientific and Expert Conference (TEAM)

Implementing the best practice in IT services organization could be done with support of the of the third party solutions (i.e. CA tools). However, these tools do require significant investments and continuous specialized support. In cost / benefit analysis for small to medium sized companies it might be hard to justify these expenses. In this paper the emphases is given to the modeling of the Services desk solution that could be implemented using existing tools that company already posses (i.e. e-mail system, office tools, document management system, etc.).


It's my honor to recommend Milovan Tornasevic, PhD student at our Faculty and one of the best students of Faculty of Technical Sciences on master level. He was obtaining the master degree in Industrial Management and master degree in Computer Sciences. As a professor I have followed his work for four years, during which time he finished five years faculty program with the maximum score and constant involvement in numerous national and international student competitions, presenting faculty on the best way. He showed efficient in reaching all goals, willingness, and motivation for learning, working and professional improvement, great leadership skills, and managerial ethics. I consider Milovan to be an excellent choice for your program, as one of the most successful, studious and responsible students at the faculty. I feel confident that he will continue to achieve above-average performance in her career, contribute to the management profession, society improvement and your goals.

Professor Ilija Cosic, PhD

Dear Sir or Madame,
With this letter I would like to give the recommendation for Milovan Tomasevic to any potential employer, or international studies scholarship sponsor/fond. Milovan is highly motivated, enthusiastic, energetic, and smart young man, that I had an opportunity to work with the last few years. He was my Teaching Assistant on Project Management courses conducted with Software and Information Technology students. Everything that was needed to support students' practical assignments and practical and written exams preparations Milovan was able to achieve with a high level of quality and a minimum level of direct supervision. I was his Mentor on his Master thesis, "Modelling Systems for Users' Requests Management Based on ITIL", where he successfully designed (at a conceptual level) a model of the ITIL based Users' Requests management system regardless of implementation tool specifics. We have also published a paper related to results from this thesis. Milovan has successfully passed exams conducted by myself at Doctoral studies related to IT Services and Resources Management. Finally, I would also stress out that giving support for Milovan's knowledge grow in the IT field here and abroad would be a secure investment that would be paid back very fast. For any further information or details regarding Milovan please do not hesitate to contact me.

Professor Vidan Markovic, PhD, PMP

If someone selflessly help you to achieve your business goal, at the same time not to personally benefit, then you must admit that envy people who have the opportunity to collaborate with such a person on a daily basis. Milovan Tomasevic is one of the few people that I can tell about exactly that, and I emphasize it because I find that’s extremely rare in today's business environment.

Jelena J. Rvovic, Postdoctoral researcher

I have known Milovan, both on the personal level and professionally. He is the same on both levels. He has integrity and is dedicated with all aspects of his life. Both were great experiences. I have had the pleasure of gaining knowledge from him, and continue to know I can count on him to support me on the professional or personal level. He is a very passionate and resourceful guy with deep industry knowledge and connections. I enjoyed working with him as he is not only easy to work with but a great teacher as well. Creative Mind with fast execution skills. Thinks outside the box and makes things happen. Outstanding performance. Milovan is an exceptional person with a most pleasant personality and strong drive to achive success. His technical knowledge is second to none and beautifully complemented by his direct experience with people. I have never worked with a more talented or enjoyable researcher and I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again in the future.​

Professor Milovan Lazarevic, PhD

It was a honor to work with Milovan. He is incredibly smart and detail oriented, all while maintaining a high level of professionalism. I would love the opportunity to work with him again based on his personable nature and outstanding work ethics. I can highlight two characteristics from him: he has a very high technical and organizational skills; and his vision about the solutions to take in every moment is always imaginative and precise. This combination makes him a special value and a reference when building a team. I've always found Milovan a pleasure to work with and enjoyed his enthusiasm for everything he does. Put all that aside, he's a fantastic person to know and do business with.​

Professor Nemanja Tasic, PhD

Expeditious and reliable. It is an honor and pleasure to have correspondence with such business partner.

Professor Gordana Dozet, PhD

This is to provide the highest recommendation for Milovan Tomasevic. He is an intelligent, enthusiastic, results driven individual who has established a solid rapport with wide variety of people with whom he works with on a day-to-day basis. He is highly competent; taking charge of projects in an effective manner. Milovan’s success with his daily duties cannot be overshadowed by his ability to manage adversity. His ability to identify solutions and predict competitive tactics has truly made him an asset in our organization. Milovan is an invaluable part of our team.

Igor Kesic, Quality Manager at Bosch

Milovan has integrity and is dedicated with all aspects of his life. Creative Mind with fast execution skills. Thinks outside the box and makes things happen. Outstanding performance. Milovan is an exceptional person with a most pleasant personality and strong drive to achieve success. His technical knowledge is second to none and beautifully complemented by his direct experience with people.

Milan Radosevic, Project Manager at Wood Land Forge

Milovan is a rare talent. His passion, integrity, and work ethic are why he is the absolute best at what he does. Milovan is really someone who love his job !!! He is very smart and sociable. We can count on him ! He thoughtlessly offered us his time and his experience giving us the opportunity to build a real business, I doubt we would have been able to achieve so much in so little time if it was not for his input. I really admired his dedication to it: he always responded to my correspondence with minimum amount of time, but you could still clearly see that he had gone deep into the subject. I would recommend Milovan to anyone who is looking for a selfless and experienced business contact. It was an honor to work for Milovan, and I look forward to crossing paths again.

Marin Radak, Program Development Professional

We worked together on several students projects. Milovan has some great qualities that will serve him and his team well in his new venture. Highly presentable, intelligent, and plenty of vision, he will no doubt succeed in whatever he does. I would have no hesitating in recommending Milovan to any organisation, he is a team player and will never let you down.

Ivan Trbojevic, Java Developer

We were together in a team for several student projects. He was willing to learn new technologies and to share his knowledge. He showed especially his organizational abilites and soft skills in our team work.

Szabolcs Gleszer, Software Developer at IBM Client Innovation Center Austria

I will be brief in the absence of time, but I want to share all my experience in contact with Milovan. Milovan is a very ambitious young man, with a clear goal and he has a great will. He is very persistent, and in the future I see him as a successful and satisfied man.

Sanja Jovanovic Zivkov, Direct Material Buyer at Aptiv

Milovan is a valuable, well-organized, versatile and communicative person, willing to cooperate. I recommend Milovan for any job that requires teamwork, and a positive and encouraging atmosphere at work.

Maja Božović, Environmental Specialist

I am privileged to write in support of my dear friend and student, Milovan Tomašević. Milovan studied in my classroom for close to two years, during which time I witnessed his tremendous growth and development. This development came not only in the area of English language, but in maturity and character as well. In our work outside the classroom he has shown great knowledge in IT and project management which makes him a valuable asset for companies that deal with these topics.

Nikola Breka, Delivery Manager at Levi9 IT Services


Fluency: Native speaker
Fluency: professional-working-proficiency
Fluency: limited-working-proficiency


Level: Master
  • HPC
  • Business
  • Supply Chain
  • Data Mining
  • Training
  • iOS
  • Pyhton
  • Java
  • DataBase


  • High Performance Computing
  • Supply Chain & Information Systems and Management
  • Business Process Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Project Management



HPC for Engineering and Chemistry

Training & Research for Academic Newcomers from CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDENCE

Research Methodology, Preparing Funding Applications & Project Management and Communication & Presentation Skills

Certificate of Training in Responsible Research and Innovation from CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDENCE

RRI Tools

Training & Research for Academic Newcomers from CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDENCE

TRAIN program

SAP Introduction Training from CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDENCE

Heino Schrader University Alliances EMEA SAP AG