1. Primer 1
  2. Primer 2
  3. Primer 3
  4. Primer 4
  5. Primer 5
  6. Primer 6
  7. Primer 7

Primer 1

-- file: 'primer11-1.sql'
select d.indeks, ime, prezime, naziv, ocena
case when i.id_predmeta in (select id_predmeta
    from obavezan_predmet op
    where op.id_smera=d.id_smera) then 'obavezan' else 'izborni'
end predmet
from dosije d 
join ispit i on d.indeks=i.indeks
join predmet p on p.id_predmeta=i.id_predmeta
where ocena>5 and status_prijave='o' and ime like 'P%' and month(dat_rodjenja) between 2 and 7;

Primer 2

-- file: 'primer11-2.sql'
create trigger brisanje_studenta 
before delete
on dosije
referencing old as stari
for each row
when(stari.status <> 'ispisan') begin atomic
signal sqlstate '75000' ('Student ciji status nije ispisan ne moze se obrisati.'); end@

insert into dosije (indeks, id_smera, status, ime, prezime, pol, jmbg, dat_upisa) values(20090206, 201, 'budzet', 'Marko', 'Markovic','m', '1205989035819', current_date)@
delete from dosije
where indeks=20090206@

update dosije
set status='ispisan'
where indeks=20090206@

Primer 3

-- file: 'primer11-3.sql'
create trigger promena_bodova before update of bodovi on predmet referencing old as staro new as nova
for each row
begin atomic
set nova.bodovi= case
when staro.bodovi > nova.bodovi then staro.bodovi-1 when staro.bodovi < nova.bodovi then staro.bodovi+1 else staro.bodovi
end; end@

insert into predmet(id_predmeta, sifra, naziv, semslus, bodovi) values(1601, 'pred1', 'predmet 1', 1, 4)@

select *
from predmet
where id_predmeta=1601@

update predmet
set bodovi=25
where id_predmeta=1601@

select *
from predmet
where id_predmeta=1601@

update predmet
set bodovi=10
where id_predmeta=1601@

select *
from predmet
where id_predmeta=1601@

update predmet
set bodovi=10, sifra='pr1' where id_predmeta=1601@

select *
from predmet
where id_predmeta=1601@

drop trigger promena_bodova@

Primer 4

-- file: 'primer11-4.sql'
insert into broj_predmeta select count(*) from predmet@

select *
from broj_predmeta@

create trigger novi_pred after insert
on predmet for each row begin atomic
update broj_predmeta setbroj=broj+1; end@

create trigger brisanje_pred after delete
on predmet for each row begin atomic
update broj_predmeta setbroj=broj-1; end@

insert into predmet (id_predmeta, sifra, naziv, semslus, bodovi) values(2002, 'predm13', 'predmet 13', 1, 15)@

select *
from broj_predmeta@

delete from predmet
where id_predmeta=2002@

select *
from broj_predmeta@

Primer 5

-- file: 'primer11-5.sql'
create table predmet_student 
( id_predmeta integer, studenti smallint );

insert into predmet_student 
select id_predmeta, 2
from obavezan_predmet 
where id_smera=201;

merge into predmet_student ps using (select id_predmeta, count(*) n
    from ispit
    where ocena>5 and status_prijave='o' 
    group by id_predmeta) as p on ps.id_predmeta=p.id_predmeta 
when matched then
update set ps.studenti=p.n
when not matched then insert
values (p.id_predmeta, p.n);

Primer 6

-- file: 'primer11-6.sql'
create table student_podaci (
indeks integer, broj_predmeta smallint, prosek float, dat_rodjenja date);

insert into student_podaci
select indeks, count(*), avg(ocena+0.0), null 
from ispit
where ocena>5 and status_prijave='o' 
group by indeks
having avg(ocena+0.0)>8
select indeks, 10, 10.00, null
from dosije
where status='diplomirao';

merge into student_podaci sp
using (select d.indeks, status, dat_rodjenja, count(i.id_predmeta) brp, avg(ocena+0.0) prosek
from dosije d 
left outer join ispit i on d.indeks=i.indeks and ocena>5 and status_prijave='o'
group by d.indeks,status,dat_rodjenja)asp on sp.indeks=p.indeks
when matched and p.status='diplomirao' then
update set sp.dat_rodjenja=p.dat_rodjenja
when matched and p.status='ispisan' then delete
when matched and p.status='budzet' then update set
  (sp.broj_predmeta, sp.prosek)=(p.brp, p.prosek) when not matched and p.status<>'ispisan' then
insert (indeks, broj_predmeta, prosek)
values (p.indeks, p.brp, p.prosek) 
else ignore;

Primer 7

-- file: 'primer11-7.sql'
create distinct type prosek as float with comparisons;

create table prosek (
indeks int not null,
prosek prosek,
primary key (indeks), 
foreign key fk_dosije(indeks) 
references dosije
on delete cascade );

create function prosek(indeks_studenta int) 
returns prosek
return select avg(cast(ocena as float))
from ispit i
where i.indeks=indeks_studenta
and ocena>5 and status_prijave='o';

select indeks, dec(cast(prosek(indeks) as float), 4,2) 
from dosije;

insert into prosek
select indeks, prosek(indeks) from dosije;

delete from prosek
where indeks not in ( select indeks
    from upis_godine);

delete from ispit
where indeks=20070208 and id_predmeta=635;

create trigger unos_ispita after insert on ispit referencing new as dodati for each row
update prosek
set prosek=prosek(dodati.indeks) where indeks=dodati.indeks;

insert into ispit (indeks, id_predmeta, godina, semestar, godina_roka, oznaka_roka, datum_prijav, nacin_prijav, status_prijave,bodovi_pismenog, datum_pismenog, bodovi, ocena)
values(20070208, 635, 2007, 1, 2007, 'jan', '02-02-2007', 'auto', 'o', 85, '02-15-2007', 85, 9);

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