Introducing MilovanTomasevic Website

Milovan Tomašević website offers you various options. Selection and processing of sites, business creations, various education that will help you to improve, and learn new skills. As it offers education, it also serves to exchange a variety of experiences. I hope this website will serve as an example and as an opportunity to show myself to an audience that won’t be unknown for too long.

Cover Pages

The new design doubles down on MilovanTomasevic Website as your personal site. The new Cover Pages let visitors know what you’re about at a glance, showing your logo or profile picture, tagline or description, and selection of social media icons.

Sliding over a cover page will reveal the content below.

Lazy-Loading Images

Using lots of images can severely impact the performance of a site. It can also cause layout quirks when images pop into existence. In MilovanTomasevic Website you have the option to provide width and height information for your images and let MilovanTomasevic Website lazy-load them as readers scroll the page.

Images are loaded as they are scrolled into view.

Better Blog Layout

The blog layout finally catches up to modern design standards and renders a posts’s image as part of the preview, giving it a tastier look that makes visitors more likely to engage.

MilovanTomasevic Website's improved blog layout renders each post's image.

Dark Mode 🌗 (coming soon)

In 8.1, buyers of the PRO version will have access to Dark Mode. At your choosing, it will be enabled by default, enabled based on visitors’ local time, or flipped on by a switch.

MilovanTomasevic Website switches between light and dark mode fluidly.

Offline Support ⚡️

Version 8 introduces experimental offline support. This allows visitors to navigate your site while offline and continue reading articles when connectivity is lost. It also improves loading times for repeat visitors dramatically.

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